F5 Networks Viprion C2400 + B2100+ ASM 40Gbps


Thiết bị F5 Networks Viprion C2400 + B2100 bao gồm:
 + LTM Base License – load balancing, traffic management
 + ASM License – web application firewall
+ vCMP License – Virtual Clustered Processing is allows to provision and manage multiple, hosted instances of the BIG-IP software on a single hardware platform
  • Intelligent Traffice Processing:
    Throughupt: 40Gbps L4, 18Gbps L7
    Hardware SSL:
    Included: 4000 TPS
    Included: 4,000 SSL TPS, 10000 TPS (2k keys), 9 Gbps bulk encryptions
    Hardware Compression:  Included 10Gpbs
    Software Compression: N/A

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